Tiger Taming
Season 3, Episode 73
BB S3e21 7
Air date 30 June 2004
Written by Melanie Alexander
Directed by David Evans
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Blinky Bill S03E21 Tiger Taming CSB1

Blinky Bill S03E21 Tiger Taming CSB1

Tiger Taming is the twenty-first episode of Blinky Bill Season 3.


During the night, the Circus Bros. jump into the balloon and send it off and Cyril finds his Teddy Bear who he thought he'd left behind in Australia. Blinky and his friends spot the balloon and follow it to where it traps a Bengal tiger cub under a pile of wood and her mother tries to help. Blinky has an idea of Flap digging him free and he stepped on a twig and Blinky manages to show himself in front of the adult tiger and runs until he is caught by the Circus Bros. inside the balloon. Flap frees Sondeya the tiger cub and drives off the Circus Bros. and it is then revealed that there's lots of monkeys in the town of Chanipaa.





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