The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill
Blinky Bill cover



Based on

Blinky Bill by Dorothy Wall

Written by

Fin Edquist
Tim Lee
Charlotte Rose Hamlyn
Jane Schneider
Michelle Offen
Sam Meikle
Zoe Harrington
Rachel Spratt
Cleon Prineas
Giula Sandler
Richie Conroy
Pete Reeves
Barbara Deignan
Jason Tammemagi
Adam Smith
Pete Reeves

Directed by

Steve Cooper
Andrew Collins
Richard Simmons

Voices of

Cam Ralph
Akmal Saleh
Peter McAllum
Charlotte Hamlyn
Rupert Degas
Jim Pike
Bridle Connell
Jamie Croft
Nathan Harvey
Beth Armstrong
Ash Ricardo

Executive producer(s)

Barbara Stephen
Soumyashree Mohapatra
Paul Cummins
Niki Hamilton
Sebastian Debertin
Patrick Elmendorff


Tracy Lenon
Alexia Gates-Foale
Cathy Ní Fhlaithearta

Running time

30 minutes (with ads)

The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill is an Australian animated television series based on Dorothy Wall's books about Blinky Bill.


Blinky Bill is back to bring his trademark mischief, mayhem, and humour to life. Along with his best mate and sidekick Jacko, Blinky takes on the role as defender of his outback home, Greenpatch.


Screenshot AUS Title Written by

release date

Episode number #
Brain Freeze 5 "Brain Freeze" Fin Edquist 5 December 2016 #01
When a scorcher of a day sends everyone troppo, Blinky and Jacko set out to find the only known cure.
Bunyip Huter "The Bunyip Hunter" Giula Sandler 5 December 2016 #02
Blinky and Jacko investigate an alarming increase in honey theft.
New sherif in town "New Sheriff in Town" Tim Lee 6 December 2016 #03
Greenpatch is in need of a new law enforcer as its slam poetry battle looms, and Sheriff Jacko is up for the job.
Cranky the Clown "Cranky the Clown" Cleon Prineas 6 December 2016 #04
Blinky and Jacko set out to save Spike’s birthday from Cranky.
Blinky the Brave "Blinky the Brave" Charlotte Rose Hamlyn 7 December 2016 #05
Blinky and Jacko must rescue the town from the endless swooping tyranny of Magpie Season.
Poopy Trudy "Poopy Trudy" Fin Edquist 7 December 2016 #06
Blinky and Jacko happen upon a lost doll they mistake for a human baby.
It´s A Date "It's a Date" Jane Schneider 8 December 2016 #07
Blinky and Jacko help Pablo on their most difficult mission yet: a quest for love.
Sir Claude´s Last Life "Sir Claude's Last Life" Cleon Prineas 8 December 2016 #08
Blinky and Jacko cut a deal to protect Greenpatch when they discover Claude has lost 8 of his 9 lives.
Jurassic Burrow "Jurassic Burrow" Michelle Offen 9 December 2016 #09
Blinky and Jacko embark on an epic journey through the catacombs of Wombo's burrow.
Rainbows and Princes "Rainbows & Princes" Sam Meikle 9 December 2016 #10
Blinky and Jacko fall through a rainbow and help a snotty frog princess find her prince.
Mystery Ball "Mystery Ball" Adam Smith and Pete Reeves 12 December 2016 #11
A mysterious talking ball lands in Greenpatch and has the townsfolk enraptured with its wise words.
Freaky Frilldaypg "Freaky Frillday" Bruce Griffiths 12 December 2016 #12
Jacko wakes up with a case of the jumps but Blinky's cure works a little too well.
Notios Eleven "Notions Eleven" Zoe Harrington 13 December 2016 #13
Blinky launches a rescue mission with a crack team of professionals when Jacko is lizard napped.
Attack of the extra tree restrials "Attack of the Extra-Tree-Restrials" Bruce Griffiths 13 December 2016 #14
Blinky and Jacko set out to protect the town from mind melding aliens.
Robert´s sound "Robert's Sound" Giula Sandler 14 December 2016 #15
Blinky and Jacko embark on a treasure hunt to recover Robert's lost glasses.
Cloud Catchers "Cloud Catchers" Rachel Spratt 14 December 2016 #16
Blinky takes to the skies on a mission to bring a rain cloud back to Greenpatch.
Ultimate prey "The Ultimate Prey" Charlotte Rose Hamlyn 15 December 2016 #17
Blinky and Jacko decide to amp up the annual class bush survival walk.
Box world "Box World" Richie Conroy 15 December 2016 #18
Blinky and Jacko are transported to an imaginary land called Box World.
Crazy Golf "Crazy Golf" Pete Reeves 16 December 2016 #19
Blinky invents a game so fantastic that Mayor Cranky bans everyone but himself from playing.
Outbreak into Song "Outbreak into Song" Barbara Deignan and Adam Smith 16 December 2016 #20
Then, a catchy tune causes mayhem and spreads through Greenpatch.
Crankynator "The Crankynator" Bruce Griffiths 19 December 2016 #21
Blinky unwittingly unleashes a force of horrifying cleanliness when he invites Cranky's mother to visit Greenpatch.
Time Machine "Time Machine" Sam Meikle 19 December 2016 #22
A dangerous croc is rumoured to be closing in on Greenpatch.
MIne for the Taking "Mine For the Taking" Tim Lee 20 December 2016 #23
Blinky and Jacko search for gold on a quest to retrieve Blinky's compass.
The Escape "The Escape" Barbara Deignan 20 December 2016 #24
Mayor Cranky's annual lecture looms and Blinky must find a way to get out of it.
Pierat Queen "The Pierat Queen" Cleon Prineas 18 September 2017 #25
Recycled "Recycled" Tim Lee 18 September 2017 #26
Dragons Tale 5 "Dragon's Tale" Tim Lee 19 September 2017 #27
Kev "Kev" Patrick Chapman (co-written by Sergio Delfino) 19 September 2017 #28
Blinky was being jealous of Kev learning how to be the Guardian of Greenpatch.
Castaways "Castaways" Tim Lee 20 September 2017 #29
Bandi and Coot cut the bridge near Wombo's place. Will Blinky and his friends get across the bridge?
Mission impossumable 5 "Mission Impossumable" Richie Conroy 20 September 2017 #30
Roddy "The Highland Games" Jason Tammemagi 21 September 2017 #31
Blinky's uncle Roddy Macbill comes to visit Greenpatch for these highland games.
150px "Gnome Man's Land" Patrick Chapman 21 September 2017 #32
It's all out warfare in the epic battle to protect Wombo's compost heap from a relentless flock of crows bent on invasion.
150px "Blankie Bill" Jason Tammemagi and Adam Smith 22 September 2017 #33
150px "Born to Teach" Michelle Offen 22 September 2017 #34
150px "The Inconvenient Friend" Tim Lee 25 September 2017 #35
150px "The Font of All Kn-Owl-edge" Barbara Deignan 25 September 2017 #36
150px "The Winged Koala" Jason Tammemagi 26 September 2017 #37
Blinky and Jacko help a girl bird named Bluey learn how to fly.
150px "Beware the Moon" Richie Conroy 26 September 2017 #38
150px "Mum vs Cranky" Michelle Offen 27 September 2017 #39
The water is drying out by Cranky when Jacko is going away. Blinky and Mrs. Bill are forced to go out to find the water to the waterfall.
150px "Curse of the Double Curse" Jason Tammemagi 27 September 2017 #40
Blinky and Jacko accidently make an enemy of a powerful toad sorceress who casts a double curse on all of Greenpatch.
150px "Old School" Richie Conroy 28 September 2017 #41
The Budgie Smuggler "The Budgie Smuggler" Charlotte Rose Hamlyn 28 September 2017 #42
150px "Dune Busters" Richie Conroy 29 September 2017 #43
150px "Blinky's Birthday" Barbara Deignan 29 September 2017 #44
Blinky and Jacko went inside the cave so Mayor Cranky, Bandi and Coot have to follow them for the surprise birthday party.
150px "Home to Roost" Barbara Deignan 2 October 2017 #45
Blinky's father Bill Koala comes home to Greenpatch so Blinky and Bill decide to have Mayor Cranky do the chicken run.
Superheroes "Superheroes" Tim Lee 2 October 2017 #46
150px "Homesick" Patrick Chapman 3 October 2017 #47
When Eddy gets a bad case of homesickness Blinky and Jacko bring a little New York magic to Greenpatch.
150px "Flying Circus" Bruce Griffiths 3 October 2017 #48
150px "The One" Cleon Princas 4 October 2017 #49
150px "The Get Along Shirt" Michelle Offen 4 October 2017 #50
Founders Day 1 "Founders Day" Fin Edquist 5 October 2017 #51
Room Mates 3 "Room Mates" Jason Tammemagi 5 October 2017 #52
Blinky and Jacko destory Cranky´s house. Bandi and Coot move to Blinky´s house and Blinky tries to make them get out.


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  • This of new CGI animation of Blinky Bill TV Series after the feature full-length animated-film of Blinky Bill the Movie.
  • The first appearances of Pablo, Bandi, Coot, Sugar, Spike, Eddy, and Ms. Tibbins on the new TV series


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