Mrs. Skewer is an unknown type of seabird. She had a feud with a group of penguins who's lighthouse prevented her from finding food.


Mrs. Skewer was an enemy at first: she was jealous of her penguin-neighbors as they're lighthouse allowed them to forage with ease while she was prevented by it (her husband had at one point suffered a broken-wing most likely made by the light, which could be why she loathed it so much). However whether or not she knew that the penguins could be badly affected by the lighthouse whenever it's off as she was whenever it's on or cared about them at all is a mystery, but when her son Suki discovered this and went out to sea himself out of sympathy, Mrs. Skewer put aside her rivalry with penguins in the hopes that their lighthouse could guide him (along with Flap who went to save Suki himself) back to shore, which worked. She and her family may have made peace with the penguins after, since the lighthouse-keeper penguin decided to tone down the light for her(possibly out of guilt for hurting her and her family with it).

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