Mistress season 3
The Mistress is Penelope´s owner. She lives in Paris and she has a cat.

Bio Edit

Mistress and Penelope


She was living okay with Princess Penelope at first, but she then lost Penelope to the circus brothers. Out of grief she then moved to a new home and adopted the cat Fifi.

A Dog's Best FriendEdit

She is first seen beckoning Fifi over for food, not knowing that Penelope had returned and had seen her with the cat. Both are seen again arriving at the park where Blinky, Penelope, Flap and Nutsy were at. She even defended Blinky Bill from Basil Circus, though the latter decided to take Fifi instead. Unable to bare losing a pet all over again (and unknown to her the same ones who took Penelope), she attempted to trade her money for the cat, it didn't work at first, but Penelope arrives and offers her necklace instead and Fifi was released. She was quite glad that Penelope was back, not even caring about Penelope's necklace being in the circus-bro's clutches. Blinky though later reclaimed the necklace by returning Cyril Circus's teddy-bear (much to Basil's dismay), and as a way of thanks the mistress and Fifi decided to throw a little party for the Australians.

Voiced by Edit

  • Rachel King