Not to be confused with the lizard
Jacko is a kookaburra who often laughs. He wears an aqua shirt and matching hat.

Blinky Bill: The Mischievous Koala (Working Class Man) Edit

He was first seen dancing with the town until nightfall. The next day humans arrived and bulldoze the village, Jacko himself managed to escape but his home was destroyed. During the flashback sequence he laughs at Blinky' road-killed sandwich, then stole it (with Blinky chasing) and ate it. Blinky gets back at him by throwing a paper-ball at him and takes Jacko's hat. Jacko chases Blinky until they catch wind of Miss Pym's music, and later flew away to avoid being seen. Jacko also listened to Blinky's visit to the sawmill, and when Blinky fished-out Marcia with cheese on a string, Jacko jokes that he thought Blinky was gonna eat her. He gets serious when Blinky requested him to help, to which Jacko accepts. He was told to fly Marcia over to the mill to find Nutsy, and while it didn't go completely according to plan Jacko was successful. After Marcia was done searching Jacko swoops in to take her back to where the greenpatchers are staying. He doesn't tag along with the gang to save Nutsy and Betty and is not seen anymore afterwards.

The Adventures of Blinky Bill Edit

He is mostly a secondary-character in the series. In Blinky Bill's Zoo he joins the gang when they were trying to teach a human girl on how to be an animal: Jacko's was to teach her to fly, not knowing that humans lack wings completely. He later tried to carry her into the air, but she was too heavy for him eventually, which got him snagged on a branch which launched him into the air and upon falling back down suffered a broken-wing and a bruised leg. At the end of the episode when he sees a helicopter arrive to rescue the girl, he rejoices about the fact that humans can fly after all (though this was only because they were flying with a helicopter and not by natural-means, which most likely doesn't count).

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