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Blinky Bill
Blinky Bill

Blinky Bartholomew Bill (know as Blinky Bill Koala) is a Koala who lives in Green Patch with his friends. The main character, and leader of Blinky Bill's Gang. He wears red knickerbocker dungarees with a yellow button. He is a naughty koala, who often gets into trouble.

He goes to school to the class of Miss Magpie. His best friend is the koala Nutsy. Blinky is the leader of the gang, the members are himself, Nutsy, Splodge kangaroo, Flap platypus, and Marcia marsupial mouse.

In Blinky Bill the Movie, Blinky leaves the town of Green Patch without his mother's awareness. He has been very upset that the valley has been taken over by a grumpy goanna Mayor Cranklepot. He has to go find his long lost father across the Australian outback.

Featured Videos
Blinky Bill theme song

Blinky Bill theme song

Flap's Family - Pilot

Flap's Family - Pilot

  • NutsyGo to Nutsy
  • SplodgeGo to Splodge
  • FlapGo to Flap
  • MarciaGo to Marcia
  • JackoGo to Jacko (2015 film)
  • WomboGo to Wombo Wombat
  • Miss MagpieGo to Miss Magpie
  • Mr. KoalaGo to Mr. Koala
  • Mrs. BillGo to Blinky's Mum
  • Mr. BillGo to Blinky's Dad
  • Mr. PlatypusGo to Mr. Platypus
  • Mrs. PlatypusGo to Mrs. Platypus
  • Mayor PelicanGo to Mayor Pelican
  • Mrs. RabbitGo to Mrs. Rabbit
  • Mr. RabbitGo to Mr. Rabbit
  • Granny Grunty KoalaGo to Granny Grunty Koala
  • Danny DingoGo to Danny Dingo
  • Meatball DingoGo to Meatball Dingo
  • Daisy DingoGo to Daisy Dingo
  • Shifty DingoGo to Shifty Dingo
  • Ma DingoGo to Ma Dingo
  • JackoGo to Jacko
  • RobertGo to Robert
  • Mayor Wilberforce CranklepotGo to Mayor Cranklepot
  • Sir ClaudeGo to Sir Claude
  • Cheryl and BerylGo to Beryl and Cheryl
  • SlipperyGo to Slippery
  • LeoGo to Leo
  • Ling LingGo to Ling Ling
  • TicoGo to Tico
  • YoyoGo to Yoyo
  • PenelopeGo to Princess Penelope
  • Basil CircusGo to Basil Circus
  • Cyril CircusGo to Cyril Circus
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